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Aston martin Protected with World's leading Ceramic Pro® ☆ call us 9538995445 ✦ please drop us a message for enquiry Ceramic Pro® features Permanent High Gloss & Glass like finish, unmatched Super Hydrophobic Effect, Scratch Resistance, Chemical Resistance, UV Resistance, Thermal Resistance and Anti-Grafitti. Complete Detailing Process Ceramic Pro Nano Polish Application Ceramic Pro 9H Coating on Paint Surfaces Ceramic Pro Light Top Coat Ceramic Pro Rain on Glass Parts Ceramic Pro Plastic on Plastic, Fiber and Rubber Parts Ceramic Pro Wheel and Caliper on Rims Infrared Curing Hardness above 9H | Permanent Bond | Super Hydrophobic | Anti-Graffiti | Advanced Chemical Resistance | Oxidation and Corrosion Resistant | Temperature resistance | UV protection | High Gloss | Self Cleaning Effect | Protection from Tree Saps & Bird Droppings | Non Yellowing | Minimise Ageing Ceramic Pro® is the unique formulation of #MULTILAYERED by Ceramic Pro #9H to achieve ✔#Thicker coating, ✔#Stronger protection & ✔#Highergloss level. Tested Inspected Verified Certified by #SGS | #REACH ✔ Technology : Ceramic Pro 9H is ain't typical 'glass coating/sealant/wax' available in the market. It's based on Ceramic Nanotechnology with advanced R& D centre. Thus, not all the coating system are created equal and to be benchmark with Ceramic Pro® ✔Durability : Some perceptions that in our humid tropical weather, no coating systems will effectively last longer than a year. Ceramic Pro 9H has proven it durability with not just a year or two but permanently. Look for a quality coating system that would be permanent in our environment ✔ Multi-Layered Coating System : Don’t buy into the marketing hype that their coating system able to achieve multi-layer properties without any certification. It doesn’t. Ceramic Pro 9H unique formulation on Multi-Layered coating system are proven by SGS and able to achieve Thicker coating, Stronger protection against environmental fallouts & Higher gloss level ✔ Certification : Look for one which has recognized certification (SGS) & publicized lab test report . All Ceramic Pro's product are tested, inspected, verified & certified by SGS (World's Largest Inspection Body) ✔ Spray coating is a contactless coating process to ensure that the coating is applied evenly & uniform to the substrate on uneven surfaces/tight areas, a contour coat can be applied; a closed film can be achieved. The lack of a metering coating gap leads to a decreased sensitivity for coating defects and this could result in an improvement of quality. #CeramicPro9h #CeramicCoating #bmw #audi #jaguar #jeep #porsche #compass #3gt #Refinishing #supercar #CeramicCoating #Lamborghini #ceramicprobangalore #luxurycars #bangalore #cars #karnataka #indranagar #india #luxury #ceramicprolifestyle #vrlifestyle